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s p a r k l y !!

our bus is cooler than your mom's

Rufus the Baptist's Bohemian Bus of Followers
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Community for the Baptists AIM chat, and future bus of orgie-loving groupies

So, you probably want to know: what the fuck are the Baptists? Are all Rufus fans Baptists? Why do you mock such a stern denomination of the Christian faith by taking on their name? ARE YOU HEATHENS!? DO YOU LOVE THE SEX?

The answer is: Yes. To the last question. To everything else: try us on and see. The Baptists is a name derived from Rufus Wainwright's heathen song 'Gay Messiah' where he calls himself Rufus the Baptist. We don't really know how we all got to chatting on AIM, except for the fact that we did, and we bonded, and now we call ourselves The Baptists. We believe in androgyny, and sexual freedoms of all sort. We believe in good books and music other than Rufus's. We believe in sparkly objects and feather boas. We believe in drunken chats and texting each other at all hours of the day. We believe in silliness, curse words, and... yes, still The Sex.

So bottom line of who the Baptists are? The Baptists are Love. Insane, inappropriate, dramatic, spastic, gaygaygay Love.

Whenever an AIM chat is started, _alantie [ahem, that's QUEEN Allison to you.] will post the name of the chat for that evening, so all Baptists can invite themselves into the chat so she doesn't have to worry like a mother hen about inviting everyone in and making sure they get there.

This journal can also be used for posting concerns, questions, orgy-invitations, links to cheap buses for sale on eBay, and chat transcripts outlining our latest plans for world domination our groupie bus experience, to be occuring as soon as Rufus gets his ass into gear and announces a tour big enough for us to follow him in we can afford it.

Yes, that's it. The Queen and Moderator _alantie hath spake.

Sparkles are Gay/Straight/Baptist Love

Clogs are Love.

Buses are Love.

little sister come and sit beside me : musicalbaptists